MC Kilpi



Kilpi outdoor clothing and accessories have been tested by the unrestrained north, by its pride and dignity as well as uncompromising demands and claims of the mythical heroes´ country. If you really want to experience the real winter, you have to be prepared. Kilpi means „shield“ in Finnish. Therein nature and houses have built up their defense, you need it as well. You can rely on Kilpi clothes and accessories. They will protect you and make you feel safe and secure.

The range Kilpi find the complete equipment for winter and summer, accessories, and trifles. Dress the countryside and into the city for sports and for moments of relaxation. We will equip you targeted and designer jackets, well-fitting trousers, functional underwear and stylish shirts. And when biting cold replaces hot summer, pulling to water our swimsuits and other summer gear.

Es tut uns leid, aber Ihre Suche nach Produkten hat keine Treffer ergeben.